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No electricity, no TV, no rush. Just you, your partner and nature

Dream Lodge Food, Menu and Farming

At Dream Lodge we pride ourselves in being simple, sustainable and private. ​​As such we grow a fair amount of vegetables ourselves and our food contains little or no preservatives or additives.  Here is a link to our permaculture blog if you are interested.

Dinner and breakfast are served at your cottage at the time you arrange with us. Depending on the weather it can be candlelit dinner by the fireplace or under the stars! ​​We exchange the baskets at the next meal.​ Our usual menu is a three course dinner and health breakfast which is included in the rates of Gecko and Agama. Chameleon has an adjustable rate structure as you can choose to cater for yourself. Our food will change according to the season, and we can adapt our menu to meet your needs. We will always inquire as to your choice of main course. Please let us know of any allergies or aversions!  
 What we often serve:

​Greek salad, Tuna salad, Vegetable soup.

​Thai or Italian chicken fillet, Moscovy Duck, Prawns, Grass Fed Beef Stew, Vegetarian or Vegan meals.
In summer a braai can be catered at Gecko or Chameleon cottages. (No outside fires at Agama)

Fruit salad, Ice cream, Chocolate Mousse, Fruit cake etc.​​​​


We serve a health breakfast consisting of the following:
Plunger and instant coffee, tea, juice, milk, toast, jam/honey, muffins, fruit salad, yogurt and meuslie.
When our chickens are willing to cooperate we are also able to serve cheese omelets, but unfortunately that's the only version of egg meal that can travel.​ 

Dream Lodge sources its Grass Fed Beef from Grazers near Magaliesburg.​​ The Moscovy Duck is much healthier than normal duck as it is not fatty.  These ducks are pasture raised on the Dream Lodge premises.